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Factors to Determine the Ranking on YouTube

First, we must understand that a video on YouTube does not work like a blog or website in terms of the rating. If on Google, there is a term back link that can be used to determine the quality of a blog or website, on YouTube, there is nothing like that, except for the video embed by clicking on blogs or other sites. When it comes to YouTube, there are some other factors to determine the ranking. Those factors will be discussed below.

– Video Retention
Video retention is the percentage of how many people who saw the video we then look back at our other videos. More and more people are returning to watch our video, the better the ranking of our YouTube. These data we can observe in the dashboards of our YouTube accounts.

– Comment
All incoming comments on a video could be a sign that the video is an impact on the audience which can ultimately place the video on the top position on YouTube. It is why to buy custom youtube comments is one of the common ways used by YouTubers to get more comments on their video in order to increase the rankings of their channel. Apart from the comment is positive or negative, so it is suggested for the owner of the channel to actively respond to each of the comments coming.

– Thumbs up / Thumbs down
The like button in the bottom of the video is also a major assessment of a video rated good or not in the eyes of YouTube.

– Subscribe
It might have been often heard that the channel with a large subscriber is generally able to get on the first page of search results YouTube easier. Especially if a lot of our video audience, who then immediately subscribe after watching our video, the effect will be great again.

– Share
The more viewers to share our videos via social media and other popular sites, the most likely the video we can poke at the top of search results.