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One of the Tips on Choosing the Most Suitable Floor for a Condominium Unit

What are the tips on choosing the most suitable floor for a condominium unit? The quality of a condo unit in a quarter such as the Paya Lebar Quarter is, indeed, very influenced by the position and location of the building. The unit located on a higher floor with a direction toward the most charming scenery offered by the building will certainly have a different price which is higher than the other units below. So, in general, the better the view that can be enjoyed by the owner is, the more expensive the price of the apartment unit will be. In spite of that, you must still consider choosing a unit on one of the highest floors in the building if you have the capability to do so with your financial situation.

Most of the people who choose their unit in the condo building located on at least the eighth floor to the top want to have the beautiful scenery offered by the building. The position of such a residence is usually designed to provide a good view for the occupants. So, you should not be surprised if there are some developers who insert additional fee if you want to have a unit that is located in one of the highest positions.

Condominium units located at an altitude also has a quiet atmosphere different from the rest. In fact, the higher the position is, the lower the noise level which can enter to the unit will be. Although it is not a guarantee for sure, but the majority of the top floors is also more secure out of the reach of thieves.

Unfortunately, there are also some things that you have to make sure in order to make having a condo unit in the highest floor enjoyable. One of the things is the access to the floor, both the regular and the safety accesses. You need to make sure that you will not be forced to take the stairs to go to your unit as it would absolutely be inconvenience. As for the safety access, you need to ensure that you will be able to evacuate easily from the building if there happens to be a disaster.