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Know More About Physiotherapy

In The Physio Chiro People, you will get the best physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapy is a science that focuses on stabilising or improving locomotor function disorders/body functions are disrupted, followed by the process/method of motion therapy. Physiotherapy is a health service that is intended for the individuals and groups in an effort to develop, maintain, and restore movement and function throughout the lifecycle of the use of physical modalities, physical agents, mechanical, motion, and communication. Physiotherapy can train patients with specific sports, stretch and a variety of techniques and use some special tools to solve the problems facing patients who can not be overcome with physiotherapy exercises.

The man who runs the service is called Physiotherapist Physiotherapy. A physiotherapist is someone who has graduated physiotherapy education in accordance with the legislation in force.

Based on the scope of services of physiotherapy and society’s demands, divided into:

– Women’s Health Physiotherapy
– Growth Physiotherapy
– Occupational Health and Safety Physiotherapy
– Elderly Physiotherapy
– Sports Physiotherapy
– Public Health Physiotherapy
– Medical Care Physiotherapy