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What to Know about Google Authorship and SEO

Although Google has always issued an update to their algorithms and probably will continue to do, it is important to webmasters standard unchanged. Google wants the owner of the website or blog to always provide the best content and up to date for their visitors. That is the reason why Google highly values authorship. It means if you use SEO services, like the Jasa SEO Jakarta, to increase the rank of your website, you have to make sure that the contents their make should not integrate with Google authorship.

This feature released by Google a long time, but there are still many owners website or blog is not yet used. Google Authorship is a way for Google to verify the author of the content in a website, and calculate how much expertise or authority of each author on a topic. It turns out that the author rank or the rank of the writer greatly affects the search results in Google’s search engine.

Moreover, another benefit to obtain if the owner of the website integrates the blog or website with the Google Authorship is the markup authorship. You must have seen the author’s profile picture in the search results Google Search engine, well this is what is called Authorship Markup. Based on research, Authorship Markup can increase the number of clicks to a website for more attention to Google users.