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Exciting And Safe Sex With Emoji Condoms

Having sex is a natural thing and carried by all living creatures to keep ensure the successor to the types/species of them – in other words, to continue the descent. Sex can be so beautiful if done with the right people at the right time. Having sex turned out to have benefits in addition to relax body and the mind and makes us look more attractive because sex releases a pheromone that can lead to an interest in the opposite sex if done right – you know, at the correct time and the consent of us and a couple, assisted with the mood and the right atmosphere. It is not impossible that sex will bring you and your partner closer and raise the relationship to the next level. Having sex can decrease the risk of heart disease/heart attack. Having sex helps the body to maintain the levels of estrogen and testosterone in an equal number. According to Dr. Desmond Ebank, founder and medical director of Alternity Healthcare in West Hartford, Connecticut, sex are a sport that can increase heart rate and blood flow.\

However, we have to use condoms so we could have safe and protected sex. You could take a look at emoji face condoms that available in Rip n Roll online store. The emoji condoms could help you create a certain mood in your sexual activity for emoji is proven to be the best form of non-verbal cues to represent our mood and emotion to the person we talked to. Emoji have the power of “magic” of its own to influence not only in capturing read a message content but also to increase linkages between users. What is the relationship between frequent use emoji with your romantic relationship in one year? As it turned out, it is related one and another. At least that is revealed by the study Match’s Annual Singles in America Study. They surveyed more than 5,000 respondents through the government census data. The researchers concluded that people who love and diligently use emoji have a romantic love life. They are more often get and go on a date. In addition, they also have a healthy and exciting sex life. So, get emoji face condoms now to help you get exciting, healthy and protected sex.