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Bottle feeding mistakes every parent should avoid

For your information, http://www.bestbottlesforbabies.com is not the place to make baby bottle order online but the source to gather information about the best baby bottles available on the market. Bottle feeding becomes the choice for many parents regarding their reasons. If you plan to feed your baby using the bottle, make sure that you will never make these mistakes.

Well, bottle feeding asks you to find the right bottle for your infant. Besides that, you also have to deal with many things to avoid like boiling the bottle. While it is necessary to sterilize all feeding equipment before use, avoid boiling the bottle of your baby every time. The normal washing process is good enough, so there is no need to boil the bottles. Dry the bottle well and the nipples in a safe place in order to prevent it from melting. Placing the nipples well can also help you prevent the accumulation of bacteria and fungus that can harm your baby when it comes to bottle feeding.

Do you let the baby feed herself? Perhaps not many parents know how letting the baby feed herself could lead to choking. While your baby sucks on it, someone must hold it for her. Also, don’t let the baby go sleeping with the bottle of milk or juice because it can cause teeth and gums issue.

Crying baby is something normal. Just because she cries, it doesn’t mean she wants bottle feeding. On the other words, she may want different things for her crying. Instead of forcing the baby for bottle feed, wait for until she asks it. Being a parent means you must be able to learn and understand the habit of your baby to know that feeding is not always what your loved one needs.

When you are familiar with the bottle feeding mistakes, you will know how to feed your baby safely. Then it lets her look happy.